Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Pay attention to the shoes my friend, they tell you a lot.  A woman's choice in shoes is usually a good indication of her attitude towards what she is doing at the moment.  Shoe decisions aren't normally a passing thought for women.  Entire outfits are chosen around the shoes, if the shoes change there's a very good chance the outfit is changing (this is why they take so long).  Don't try to understand this, accept it as a fact of life.

To help you understand the severity of shoes I'll let you in on something.  Until she is in a full-on committed relationship with you and has been for a while, her shoes are more important to her than you.  Do not attempt to come between her and her shoes or it will end badly for you.

If a woman mentions the shoes she's wearing you should always say you like them and add a non-bullshit specific thing you like about the shoes.  Good suggestions are:

"They make your legs look great"

"The peep toe is cute"

"They're very classy, adult sexy"

"They're sexy without being slutty"

"You have good taste"

"I'm a fan of heels"


I'll reiterate, don't bullshit.

For those of you in relationships you should comment on the shoes regularly, shoes will become something you discuss with your woman and it will be one of the things she loves about you.

NEVER SAY A NEGATIVE WORD ABOUT THE SHOES.  Unless she does, and then offer a response that is in agreement but not more so than her comment.

I'm sure your wondering which shoes are important, they can't all be important can they?  You are correct.  The next EYES ON THE PRIZE segment will discuss specifically what each shoe may, or may not mean.

Until next time.

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